Make Run For It

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Welcome to Knight Hawks Encounters.  Knight Hawks Encounters will be a regular feature of the Frontier Explorer where we present one or more encounter setups for the Knight Hawks board game.

Typically these will be small stand-alone scenarios that you can set up and play in an hour or two.  If the issue includes a new ship, as this one does (CSS Nightwind, p XX), at least one of the scenarios will focus around the new ship to see how it performs in the game.  Others may come from a hypothetical setup up and play of the Second Sathar War Strategy game from the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks Campaign book (pp. 55-60).  Others may be created just for fun.

If you have ideas for scenarios to include, feel free to send in ideas to the submission queue of the magazine on our website.

Cargo Delivery

A scenario to highlight the capabilities of the CSS Nightwind class ships.


The CSS Nightwind is on its way back from Volturnus to Triad with a hold full of valuable ore purchased on Volturnus.  Streel would love to get its hands on Cassidine Development Corporation's new armed freighter to study its design.  As it passes through the Truane's Star system, a trio of Streel ships, disguised as pirates, attack the Nightwind and its escort as they are passing through the outer part of the system.  No help is available, the CDC ships will have to survive and make their escape on their own.

Order of Battle

CDC Ships
  • CSS Nightwind
  • 1 standard Assault Scout
Streel Ships
  • 1 corvette
  • 2 standard Assault Scouts

Ship Statistics

CSS Nightwind

HP: 42     ADF: 3     MR: 3     DCR: 60

Weapons:  LB(x3), RB(x4)

Defenses:  RH, MS(x2), ICM(x8)


HP: 25     ADF: 3     MR:  3    DCR: 45

Weapons:  LC, LB

Defenses:  RH, MS(x2)

Assault Scout

HP: 15     ADF: 5     MR: 4     DCR: 50

Weapons:  LB, AR(x4)

Defenses:  RH


The CDC player sets up first along one of the short sides of the map.  The two CDC ships can be place anywhere within five hexes of the map edge.  After setting up the ships, the CDC player declares the ships' starting speed.  They may be moving at any speed up to 15 hexes per turn but both must be traveling at the same speed.

After the CDC player sets up, the Streel player sets up his ships along the other short edge of the map.  Again, the ships can be placed anywhere within five hexes of the map edge.  The Streel player then declares the starting speed for his ships.  Like the CDC ships, the Streel ships must all be moving at the same speed and their speed cannot exceed the CDC ships' speed by more than 5 hexes per turn.

Special Rules

Selective Targeting

Allow the Selective Targeting skill to be used from the Knight Hawks skill descriptions.  Player's may choose to target a specific ship system (such as engines or specific weapons) instead of rolling randomly on the Damage Table.  To use the selective targeting ability the chance to hit is reduced by 30%.

Escaping from battle

The Nightwind is considered to have escaped from battle if it a) moves off of the opposite edge of the map from which it started with no ships in pursuit or b) is moving faster than any remaining Streel ships and has an ADF that is higher or equal to the remaining Streel ships.

Shifting the map

This scenario has the potential to be a running battle.  If a ship is being pursued and is in danger of moving off an edge of the map, then all ships should be shifted to move the battle back towards the center of the map.  Alternately, additional pieces of hex paper can be used to extend the map.

Capturing the Nightwind

To capture the Nightwind, the Nightwind has to be reduced to 0 ADF and MR and a Streel ships has to match speed and direction for two turns.  If this condition is met, then the Nightwind is considered captured by the Streel player.

Victory conditions

Streel Victory

The Streel player wins if he can capture the Nightwind and destroy the Nightwind's escort.

CDC Victory

The CDC player wins if he either destroys all of the Streel ships or the Nightwind escapes from the battle.

If the Nightwind is destroyed, the game is a draw.


Hopelessly Outgunned

Opening shots of the Second Sathar War.


Late in FY 80 several small fleets of Sathar warships swarmed into the Frontier from a variety of directions.  The lone armed station at Kwadi-Kit (K'tsa-Kar) was quickly overwhelmed by the Sathar fleet that appeared in that system.  That fleet then headed toward White Light.  Another similar fleet appeared in the Kizk'-Kar system headed toward Zik-Kit.  The two Assault Scouts of the Zik-Kit militia, as well as the armed station orbiting the planet, waited for the onslaught, knowing that they were hopelessly outgunned by the approaching Sathar ships.  The best they could hope for was to get away to join with other ships to make a better stand somewhere else or maybe take one of the Sathar with them if they were destroyed.

Order of Battle

Militia Ships
  • 2 Assault Scouts
  • Armed Station
Sathar Ships
  • Frigate
  • 2 Destroyers
  • Light Cruiser
  • Heavy Cruiser

Ship Statistics

Assault Scout

HP: 15     ADF: 5     MR: 4     DCR: 50

Weapons:  LB, AR(x4)

Defenses:  RH

Armed Station

HP: 80     ADF: 0     MR: 0     DCR: 75

Weapons:  LB, RB(x6)

Defenses:  RH, MS(x2), ICM(x6)


HP: 40     ADF: 4     MR: 3     DCR: 70

Weapons:  LC, LB, RB(x4), T(x2)

Defenses:  RH, MS(x2), ICM(x4)


HP: 50     ADF: 3     MR: 3     DCR: 75

Weapons:  LC, LB, EB, RB(x4), T(x2)

Defenses:  RH, MS(x2), ICM(x5)

Light Cruiser

HP: 70     ADF: 3     MR: 2     DCR: 100

Weapons:  DC, LB, EB, PB, RB(x8), T(x4)

Defenses:  RH, ES, SS, ICM(x8)

Heavy Cruiser

HP: 80     ADF: 2     MR: 1     DCR: 120

Weapons:  DC, LB(x2), PB, EB, RB(x8), T(x4), S(x2)

Defenses:  RH, ES, PS, SS, ICM(x8)


The Sathar player declares which side of the map the Sathar ships will be entering from.

The Militia player then places a planet marker in the center of the map and places the Armed Station in orbit around it.  They then place the two militia assault scouts anywhere on the map and declare their initial speeds up to a maximum of 10 hexes per turn.

Once the militia ships are placed the Sathar player then places their ships within five hexes of the side of the map they declared to be entering from.  The ships can be moving at any speed up to 15 hexes per turn but all ships must be moving at the same speed.

Special Rules

Defending Home Turf

Militia ships cannot just turn and run but must make some effort to defend their home worlds.  A militia ship cannot attempt to escape from battle until they have fired at least one shot at the invading ships.

Escaping from battle

A ship is considered to have escaped from battle if it moves off any edge of the map with a) no ships in pursuit or b) is out of weapon range and has a higher ADF than any pursuing ships.

Victory conditions

Sathar Victory

The sathar can claim victory if they can destroy both the militia ships and station before any ships can escape and don't lose a single ship.

Militia Victory

The militia can claim victory if either a) both militia ships escape the onslaught, or b) they can destroy a sathar ship before both ships and the station are destroyed.

If only one militia ship escapes and no sathar ships are destroyed, the game is a draw.